What our Customers say...


SERVPRO of Middletown was very helpful and courteous to our office staff. We would definitely recommend using SERVPRO of Middletown to everyone!

Thank you so much for all your help! Cathy was so very sweet and helpful! Jose and Alex were so clean, neat and polite; I am so impressed with how wonderful your company is!

Thanks for coming out so quickly, we keep having sewage backups. We’ve used you in the past and you have been so wonderful and professional. We will certainly call you again the future!

Thank you for the wonderful job cleaning up the sewage; I will recommend you to my relatives and anyone else who needs your help!

I am so impressed with your crew! They are polite, knowledgeable and neat. Thank you for the excellent cleaning!

Keep up the good work! Everyone on your team is a gem!

Tyler was so professional and he kept me so informed! Thank you!

I'm very pleased with the work the crew completed. They did a great job with everything!

Outstanding job! Thank you!

I am so happy with your whole company.  You were so comforting to me & my wife during a really stressful time.  Your guys are working so hard.  Christian took the time to explain things to me that I otherwise would not have thought about.  They are wiping down some items that I didn’t even think were affected.  I am so grateful & thankful that there are people out there who really care.

The crew did a great job and they were very professional!

Jose and the crew were so professional, courteous, and neat! They did a wonderful job and your team overall has been a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Thank you so much for getting out to our home so quickly! You have been awesome and we look forward to doing more business with you!

Thank you so much for all your help!

Thank you so much for leaving your homes in New Jersey to help us down here in North Carolina. You have been a blessing to us in this storm!

Your crew was so very neat and professional! I was so glad they were careful and explained the steps they were going to take to get our home back to normal. We have used you in the past and you are always so wonderful!

The repairs on my home are almost complete. You guys are terrific! Thank you so much!

Your crew made a painful experience turn into a wonderful conclusion! Your workers are excellent!

You guys are terrific and I will leave an excellent comment wherever I can! Thank you!

Your crew were outstanding in helping us get our company open today after a flood affected 3 of our floors. You guys are our heroes today!

Our sprinkler line broke in our crawl space and the SERVPRO crew cleaned up the mess and even took our garbage out that we were going to get rid of anyway. Nice Job.

SERVPRO was group of guys were the most professional that we dealt with during our loss. 

Our home flooded after the first winter storm when the rain poured into the broken skylight. Their friendly crew cleaned up the mess and took care of the broken skylight. Such a nice group of guys. 

After a tree fell on our home the SERVPRO guys from Middletown came over and patched the hole in our roof during the storm even though it was the middle of the night. Thanks guys.

When we called Diana their mold production manager we were so pleasantly surprised how professional she was in dealing with the problem and knowledgeable she was compared to the other companies. 

Peter the crew chief was so calm when we were so upset after everything that happened. 

The SERVPRO guys were so friendly during a traumatic time when our house caught on fire in Redbank. 

When our insurance agent recommended SERVPRO of Middletown to clean our home we had know idea how quickly they would respond and get our home back together. They were awesome. 

Our dentist office was flooded from a tenant upstairs who had a leak. Lucky we were closed and just came in on Saturday to pick up some paperwork in the morning. We called SERVPRO of Middletown to help find the leak and get things cleaned up so we could open in the afternoon. Our patients did not even notice that anything happened. 

Our office flooded out in Long Branch from a leaking sprinkler line. We called SERVPRO of Middletown since we used them in the past. They were at our offices in 30 minutes which was amazing. They cleaned up the water puddles and had machines running within an hour. By lunch time it was as if it never happened, just a little noise from the machines but we were able to keep working. Awesome job!

We are so happy with the SERVPRO crew that came over to take care of a fire that we had from a faulty dishwasher that made our entire home fill with smoke.  We never experienced such a stressful event in our home before and they truly took care of everything as well as rebuilt our home back to better than new. It was wonderful how they worked with our insurance company to handle all of the claims so we did not have to deal with it. 

SERVPRO crew came in to dry out our home after a tree fell on it. We were very happy with how professional Peter was in taking care of things. 

SERVPRO dealt with our loss of a family with dignity and class. The owner, Oliver personally came over to help us with our loss and allowed us to focus on taking care of family matters. Thank you for your compassion and caring. 

Mike a property manager for a condo association contacted SERVPRO of Middletown to take a look at a water leak in their penthouse unit. Apparently the leak was going on for some time and the unit owner did not report it since they were out of the country for the month. Mike said, "We could not believe how quickly they found the leak and dried out the wet material" We completed the job within one week with sheetrock and paint. 

We needed to have a backroom in our church cleaned out which no one had been in for some time. When we called SERVPRO of Middletown out to provide us an estimate which they waived since we are a church they quickly gave us a great price. Within 1 day they had the spaced cleaned up and sanitized so we could be sure that nothing was left behind that could cause us problems.

We attempted to sell our house but when the buyer tested under our home they found mold in our South Amboy home. We called SERVPRO of Middletown who worked with our insurance company to remove the mold and treat the space to prevent the mold in the future. Now we can feel safe living in our home as well as not be concerned when we go to sell it that someone will find mold in the crawl space.

The SERVPRO team of mold experts did an excellent job in getting my mold problem taken care of. They sent me an explanation of all the work that was going to be done along with the names of 3 environmental professionals who did a test before and after the work was done. They passed the mold job and I hired their construction department to rebuild my home which came out better than new. Great Job!

We had a bathroom that flooded in our offices that leaked down the hall into our conference areas and main working room. The SERVPRO guys did a great job getting our office back up an running. They also handled the rebuild in the evening.

I am so thrilled with how nice Peter was. He did such a good job cleaning up everything and put my things away in a safe spot.

Thank you to the guys at SERVPRO of coming in on Monday morning to clean up the broken water from a broken water line.  We had a meeting starting at 10:00 and they were able to get in at 8:00 to clean up the mess.

SERVPRO was so fast and friendly handling our water damaged dentist office that they were able to take care of everything even though we were still open. I could help but tell all of my patients what a great job they did. 

Thanks guys for cleaning up the mess in the basement of my home. I should have called you when it was just water damage. I did not realize it would turn into mold since I waited. 

SERVPRO team was awesome. Thank you to Luigi and the guys for coming in and cleaning up the mess.