What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

When we called Diana their mold production manager we were so pleasantly surprised how professional she was in dealing with the problem and knowledgeable she was compared to the other companies. 

We attempted to sell our house but when the buyer tested under our home they found mold in our South Amboy home. We called SERVPRO of Middletown who worked with our insurance company to remove the mold and treat the space to prevent the mold in the future. Now we can feel safe living in our home as well as not be concerned when we go to sell it that someone will find mold in the crawl space.

The SERVPRO team of mold experts did an excellent job in getting my mold problem taken care of. They sent me an explanation of all the work that was going to be done along with the names of 3 environmental professionals who did a test before and after the work was done. They passed the mold job and I hired their construction department to rebuild my home which came out better than new. Great Job!